Kristin Osiecki: Telepresent Collaborative Painting


The goal of this piece is to create a means of fluid collaborative painting between two individuals in different locations. Each individual’s experience will yield a physical piece of artwork. The two will be similar, but not exactly the same. Their similarity represents a collaboration/connection, while their differences acknowledge the space between and illustrate the organic nature of the materials.

In my vision of this, the actions of the individual painting appear on the remote surface as ink bleeding through paper. As one person paints, the brush strokes of the other person slowly appear. There is a choreography to the way each person responds to the other.

I have several concerns, one being that the drawing mechanism is loud or clumsy and distracts from the experience. Another is that two individuals cannot paint at the same time, because the sensor recording the action of painting gets in the way of the mechanics recreating the brush strokes of the remote painter.

-Kristin Osiecki