Footstep Induced Vibrating Sidewalk

I was inspired by the public installation, Mesa Musical Shadows, and the ways in which its designers experimented with the affordances of an unassuming plaza space.

Often times, we focus largely on the practical role that sidewalks play, whether this be in an urban scale or human scale. We simply follow the path constructed for us to get from point A to B, with little concern for many opportunities of interaction that sidewalks afford.

I’m interested in the questions that arise when we conceive sidewalks as a physical and digital canvas for pedestrians to feel connected by their movements. How can sidewalks be designed in order to activate the built environment? What if sidewalks were designed so that you could feel the presence of others around you through vibrations induced by their footsteps? What new things might you notice in your surroundings or about others? How might we reimagine the idea of “walking together” and experiencing a shared journey?