Liquid OSC

touchosc-02Touch OSC

Instruments usually have triggers.
When we play instruments, we enjoy the vibration of strings and keys. But all the traditional instruments are a passive installation; we put too much effort to be able to play with them. There are of course a lot of digital solution for us to enjoy the fun of playing music, like the garage band. But we lost the immediate haptic feedback.

So imagine there is an installation can “predict” the user’s next touch with its interface and react in advance, embracing our hand. Moreover, can we make this instrument emotional? Would it’s appearance change from time to time while playing?

I propose an instrument with four layers: hand tracking/recognition sensor, a projector, a sink with water, and an array of bass speakers. The sensor detects the position of our hand in real-time, send the signal to the controller, and drive the speakers to work because it knows in advance where our hand is, even before we touch the water surface. The liquid will embrace to our “control” by “popping up.” Different type of fluid would react in a different way. Besides regular water, how would liquid with multiple types of pigments mix with each other? How would Non-Newtonian fluid and ferrofluid behave with under the vibration and magnetic field of speakers?

maxresdefault-3 maxresdefault-3  ferrofluid_in_magnetic_field