Jiabao Li – Phone/Internet sensory substitution

Sensing augmentation: hacking into the digital data surround us everyday into tangible form.

Our generation always have this syndrome with internets and phones. people are so trapped into this 5 inch square pixels, they check it all the time and can’t leave without it. We are so addicted to it, They become part of our body, part of our sense. So here we try to wrap it into our body – transform the information from these digital data into part of ourself.


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Very pertenant subject – our preoccupation with digital information. But why would access to even more information through additional senses help the situation? How is it interactive? What form does the final artifact take?


Penny: Take a look at this work www.thegreeneyl.com/call-me-choke-me I think its relevant, could be interesting to take a hyper-speculative approach to this idea.

Udayan’s comment:

How is the mapping from information in the digital world to senses making the situation better. I think this is an interesting direction. But if you can answer that question by thinking deeper and coming up with some scenarios it could be cool. For example, instead of having to read and reply texts to loved ones(which takes a finite time), can you make the sensations appear through haptics. There is a lot of work on done these lines, particularly, a simple example of this is the heartbeat functionality on Apple watch. Can you go beyond that?