SEN|S – Measure the Unseen

In our everyday life, there are many different forms of waves or signals are passing through our body that we are not aware of. With the senses that a human being has naturally, he or she does not have the receiver to translate these waves or signals to the brain. And therefore, one would not receive any reflections or feedbacks from his or her brain for any of the unseen existences. Human brain is a very powerful operator, which can digest and translate any kind of information that it is given. With that being said, the only thing that is missing would be a receiver. This project is intend to add this receiver to a wearable or small device like a watch that one carries everyday, and a deformation or color signals would be triggered by light or sound waves, and wifi signals that are traveling through or by the receivers. And now people can also react and feel the existences that were not be able to sensed through natural sensors.


Similar to umwelt idea – adding senses for unseen phenomina. But what is the advantage? Can we then interact with these waves? Is there bidirectionalaity for receiver + transmitter? What would people use such a device for? What is the best formfactor (wearable, device, exhibet, etc.)?


Augmenting a human with additional senses has been a widely investigated topic. Read about Synesthesia and Digital Synesthesia.

See this PhD thesis that looks at some of the things you are talking about. Can you go beyond?

Also these works could be inspirational:

Body Hacking: My Magnetic Implant