Team 8 | Scentiment



TEAM | Ashris Choudhury, Barrak Darweesh, Darle Shinsato, Kallirroi Retzepi

CONCEPT | Introducing, Scentiment, a product aimed to unite distant loved ones through the power of smell.  With this device, telepresence is manifested in the form of fragrance to create an environment of cohabitation.  When a person enters the room, a personalized aroma is emitted in the space of their loved one.  Scentiment transcends the boundaries of physical connection by synchronizing spatial presence between two individuals.




AFFORDANCES | Scentiment is contained in a minimal, elegant envelope with perforations specifically designed for the airflow of fragrance.  The density of openings is concentrated around the location of the internal fan.  Because the device is not meant to be handled by the human hand, the affordance of the design lends itself to its primary function of ventilation.





IMPLEMENTATION | The final product holds an accelerometer, fan, power bank and Photon in a single device.  The data from the accelerometer is produced by motion of a door swinging in the ‘x’ direction.  When acceleration is observed, the fan of the other device is triggered, producing the flow of fragrance.  The source of the aroma comes from an interchangeable cartridge which is placed in a slot directly behind the fan.